Mini-color DIY inkjet canvas frame use the special patent frame system with the support of high quality 100% waterproof glossy cotton canvas of Misiland , customer can make one small canvas frame within several minutes at home . Do not hesitate to join the club of Mini-color DIY club come to make and enjoy the canvas feeling photo with your family and friends together .






One set of Mini-color DIY inkjet canvas frame including the fittings as following :
  • 8.5X11” Size Or A4 Size Premium High Quality Inkjet  Canvas ( Waterproof ) X 1 Sheet ( Four types of canvas for choice )
  • Special High Quality Plastic Frame System X 1 Piece
  • Acid Free Special Self-Adhesive Tape System for Fabric and Plastic Material X 1 Roll
  • Full Instruction With Pictures on Package; Packed in Color Cardboard Box
  • One plastic stander for frame
  • No Needs Software Support
1. Snap it . . .
Use the digital camera to
take your favorite photo
2. Zap it . . .
Connect with the computer
and put the photo into the
3. Print it . . .
Use any types of inkjet
printer to print the photo
on the canvas
4. Make it . . .
Use our special plastic
system to make your
canvas frame in a short time














Instruction for DIY Steps :


1. Print Inkjet Canvas
Print your image directly onto the
canvas using your inkjet printers ,
setting with borderless photo in
the printers.
4. Frame Positioning
Centre frame on the reverse
of the canvas and stick.
2.Tape Apply
Apply the tape along each
bar including the inside of
each corner
5. Corner Cutting
Make a diagonal cut in each corner
of the material to within 2mm of
where the plastic corners meet.
3.Tape Peeling
Peel away backing
6. Frame Folding
Fold each corner of canvas against
the tape as firmly as you can. Fold
up the frames and lock the hinges
to lock the frame.