8x5 Size DIY Inkjet Photo Book

8×5 Size DIY Inkjet Photo Book

8:5 size DIY inkjet photo book is more like one beautiful magzine, can choose more models
in software and perfect present your favorite pictures . Can kept in the bookshelf of home or
give as a special present to your close friends.

One Set Of Mini-color inkjet DIY photo book 8:5 size
including the fittings as following:
  • A4 Size High Quality Die Cut Glossy Inkjet Photo
    Paper , 12 Sheets ( 24 Pages ) ;
  • Metal Feeling Ring : 5 PCS ;
  • Transparent Cover With Frosted Surface ;
  • Full Instruction With Pictures On Color Cardboard
    Paper , Packed In PET Plastic Box ;
Instruction for DIY Steps :
1. Prepare book cover
Orientate the cover along with
the folding lines , Matte surface
is on the outside of the cover.
2. Attach binding ringsĀ 
Insert the binding rings into the
hole of cover.
3. Finish book cover
After inserting all the rings , press
down both folding creases firmly
to form book cover as shown.
4. Print book pages
Download Mini-Color print kit ,
use software to design and print
the prepunched Photo Paper sheets.
5. Remove protective strip
Remove protective strip of backside
Photo Paper and expose adhesive.
6. Fold photo book pages
Fold and seal edge of page , make
printed Photo Paper to be dual side.
7. Bind printed pages
Gently press T-shaped die cutting
place of the Photo Paper to the rings.
8. Finish pocket photo book
You will enjoy the photo book as a
striking give away or as a perfect way
of organizing your pictures to entertain
friends anytime you want.