KODAK Digital Mastering Disc (DMD)

KODAK Digital Mastering Disc (DMD) is the digital “Glass” Master for the audio studio that requires a mastering disc for duplication. Designed to provide spectacular audio performance, this disc is sure to become the Industry Standard for the professional audio studio. It also is perfect for the consumer audiophile who wants the best possible audio disc to store their important music collection. The DVD version is ideal for music videos and movies. The CD version delivers spectacular radio recording and playback. These discs utilizes a proprietary metal reflective layer, a premium dye layer, and are manufactured to the most stringent standards. Each is individually inspected to have zero defects for the best in audio and video performance.

Digital Master (DMD)

Kodak DMD

Digital Mastering Disc DVD Single Pack Jewel Case CAT# 50101 50 Pieces
Digital Mastering Disc DVD / 5 Pack Jewel Case CAT# 50102 10 Packs
Digital Mastering Disc DVD / 10 Pack Spindle CAT# 50104 30 Packs