KODAK LightScribe (HP)

KODAK LightScribe CDs are designed for the new technology of labelling discs. Kodak CDs are specially coated on the non-data side to work with the LightScribe drives. After burning data onto your disc, you can just pop it out, flip it over, and use a special LightScribe software application to have the drive burn a “silkscreen quality” image of your choice right into the disc. This solution offers more safety than labels that can come unglued, or inks that may penetrate the media and damage data.

(Available on HP Pavillion desktop and on HP Pavillion Media Center Photosmart PCs, Lightscribe technology is easy to set-up and use.)

LightScribe CD-R

Kodak LightScribe CD-R

LightScribe CD-R Single / Jewel Case with Hangtab CAT# 52009 50 Pieces
LightScribe CD-R 10 Pack / 5 Color Spindle CAT# 52010 30 Packs