Well Designed Appearance!

          Environmental Protection Color

          Slender Body Can Place In Limited Office Area.

          AJ-1600A:148KG(With Stand)

 The ALPHA UVJET prints on a wide range of media including paper, film and leather etc., At 64” wide, the AUV-1600 lets you explore a wide range of applications with just one device, from packaging prototypes and POP to wide-format signage and window displays.

Unmatched quality across a wider variety of materials.

Great productivity and finer quality.

Advanced LED UV technology, greatly expand the UV lamp life up to 20,000 hours.

Refillable ink cartridge lower the ink cost.

Wider printing width by 1.6m and maximum resolution of 1440dpi.

Unmatched Quality Across a Wider Varety of Materials

The UV lamps instantly dries the UV-curable Premium inks, these specially formulated inks yield a wider color gamut and exhibit excellent flexibility and superior adhesion on a variety of materials fabric,canvas, vinyl, plastic film, paper and polyester including 100% PE eco-friendly opening many new markets.

 Print on the leather ,production various kinds of handbags and jewelry
 Print all kinds of canvas , make oil painting , form more stereo vivid appearance
 Print textiles, realize indoor transformation
 Print on the PET material ,making all sorts of packing box and arts crafts
 Print all kinds of paper ,like PP/vehicle adhesive vinyl and so on, reach up prominent effect
 Print all kinds of wall paper,realize creative indoor decoration