1.Piezo Ink-jet method Epson heads 2.Sublimation Ink440ml Continuous ink supply cartridge 3.Double 6 colors 4.1440-1440dpi 5.The Most Investment Valuable Flag Printing Equipment 6.Made up Roland FJ740 and 14m2/h Print on: Flag cloth、polyester、canvas、oxford、the peach skin、satin、pattern-book

Item SFP1870K
Printing Method Piezo Ink-jet method (Epson heads)
Max Printing Width 1.87m
Printing Speed 28.2 sq.mt/h(fast), 14.2sq.mt/h(normal)
Ink Dye Sublimation Ink
Ink Capacity 220ml/440ml Continuous ink supply cartridge
Color Double 6 colors (C-2, M-2, Y-2,K-2,LC-2,LM-2)
Printing resolution(Printing dot resolution) 1440 dpi ×1440 dpi/720 dpi×1440 dpi

540 dpi ×1080 dpi/1080 dpi ×1080 dpi 720 dpi ×720 dpi /540 dpi×360 dpi

Media Type Polyester
Power Saving Function Automatic sleep feature
Power Heads Cleaning Automatic cleaning and manual cleaning
Interface Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Based-TX
Printing Precision Level +-0.3% or 0.3mm
Size 3150mm(W)x1250mm(D)x1350mm(H)
Weight 435kgs