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Modle TX-1600DI TX-2600DI
Printing Method Piezo Ink-jet Method(DX5 Print Head)
Number Of Head Single DX5 Head Double DX5 Head
Printing Width 210-1620mm
Acceptable Media Width 210-1620mm
Max Thickness 2mm
Ink Cartridge Type Eactive/Acid/Pigment/Disperse Ink
Capacity 220cc/440cc refill cartridge
Color Double 4-color(C M Y K)
Capacity Continuous Ink Supply Cartridge
Color Gamut Performance 1670 Million Color
Printing Resolution Resolution Pass Speed(Bidirectional Printing)
Single Head Double Head
360dpi*720dpi 4pass 15sqm/h 30sqm/h
360dpi*1080dpi 6pass 12sqm/h 24sqm/h
720dpi*720dpi 8pass 8sqm/h 16sqm/h
1440dpi*720dpi 16pass 4sqm/h 8sqm/h
Media Control Front take up systen and back feeding system
Height of Printing Heads 1.5mm/2mm–2.5mm/3.0mm
Printing Heads Cleaning Automatic cleaning and manual cleaning
Order Language RD-RTL,RD-PJL
Interface USB2.0/HIUSB
Power Consumption During Operation 1.7A/100V to 240V_+10%,50/60HZ
Sleep Mode Sleep Mode-0.5A/100V to 240V_+10%,50/60HZ
Power-saving Function Automatic Sleep Feature
Acoustic Noise Level Printing Mode ≤65 dB(according to ISO 7779)
Standby Mode ≤40 dB(according to ISO 7779)
Packing Dimensions(with stand) Dimension:2500mm(W)*740mm(D)*1240mm(H)
Printer Dimensions(with stand) 2500mm(W)*740mm(D)*1240mm(H)
Weight(with stand) Weight:200KG
Power consumption Heating System 4000W/Printer 1000W
Environmental Temperature 20-28degree,Relative humidity 35-80%
Accessories Prower cord,Drain Bottle,Manual