Mini Studio Flash N Series

Mini Studio Flash N Series

   N series Mini Studio Flash is specially used for shooting certificate photos and portraits. It is characterized by short duration, high consistence, standard color temperature, as well as being embedded with photosensitive receiver, buzz switch for charging, natural overheating – cooled part. Moreover, it has the function of low voltage triggering, fast recycling, non-noise, also with universal flash mount and completed accessories.


   1.4 f-stop aperture coefficient 1/8-1/1 precise control
2.Full function of modeling bulb control,proport/full/off
3.Mini mount.
4.Flash body with umbrella holder
5.Sync cable socket: Φ6.35mm
6.Accessories available: Softbox, Barn door filter kits, Snoot.
7.Warranty time:12 Month Manufacturer Warranty.
8.OEM is OK.


Item No. 63001 63002 63018
Model N-180 N-200 N-280
Output power 180ws 200ws 250ws
GN 38 43 48
Recycling time 0.5-3s
Power variation Stepless adjustment
Buzz switch Yes
Sensor distance ≥15m
Color temperature 5500K±200K
Triggering voltage DC 5V
Triggering way 1.Sync cable   2.Sensor   3.Test button   4.Remote control
Fuse 5A
Modeling bulb 50W