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Double power supply outdoor flash


Item No.    66006    66007   66008
Model    TA-300   TA-400   TA-600
Output power     300ws   400ws   600ws
GN      48     60     68
Flash time (full power)   550 times   450 times   400 times
Power Variation Stepless adjustment
Recycling time 0.8-5s
Sensor distance ≥15M
Color temperature 5500K±200K
Triggering way 1.Sync cable 2.Sensor 3.Test button 4.Remote control
Modeling Bulb JDE14-12V-20W


* Double Power: When indoor shooting, the flash light use AC power; when outdoor shooting, the flash light use battery.

* Compact: The size of power box is same a mobile phone package, and counts upon 1/3 of A4 paper.

* Portable: Battery is just 1.3kg

* Durable: 12V-9Ah memoryless Lead-acid battery, a fully charged battery can perform 550times with all-optical output. It can recharged for over 1000 times, and enjoy a lifetime of 30000 flashes.

* Firm: The whole flash body is all made by metal with high quality powder coating crafts on its surface.

* Universal: It is suitable for all kinds of studio accessories with Bowens mount, and use JDE14 modeling bulb.

* Accessories available: Soft box with Bowens mount, Barn door filter kits, Snoot, Light stand.

* Warranty time:12 months manufacturer warranty


1.Flash light body & Standard reflector dish = 1pc;

2.Power Box = 1pc;

3.Charger = 1pc;

4.Strap = 3pc, one for light head,one for power box,and the third for Al-outdoor flash case;

5.Power adapter = 1pc;

6.Modeling bulb = 2pcs;

7.Power cable = 1pc;

8.Connecting cable(2m) = 1pc;

9.Remote trigger(GY-04K) = 1pc;

10.Al-Professional outdoor flash case;

11.User manual = 1pc