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Professional Outdoor Flash PF Series


Item No. 66009 66010 66011
Model PF-400 PF-600 PF-800
Output power 400ws 600ws 800ws
GN 52 65 78
Flash times(fullpower) 320times 200times 140times
Recycling time 1.5s 2s 3s
Power Variation Stepless adjustment
Sensor distance ≥15m
Triggering way 1.Sync cable 2.Sensor 3.Test button 4.Remote control
Color temperature 5500K±200K
Modeling Bulb JDE14-24V-20W, Timer ON/OFF


   1. Large-capacity Ni-mH battery, 24V-3300mAH, more flash times, enable photographer to do long time and high-intensity shooting. Power pack and battery with push-button design for fast loading,it can replaced easily.Light weight,the power box is only 2.5kg.
2. Modeling bulb,it can auto power off in 10s,save energy,long service time.
3. Handle,Light stand holder and Hot shoe adapter are contained in the Light head.
4. The Light head is light,firm,beautiful and flexible.
5. The Light head uses Bowens mount.
6. Light head material:Aluminum.
7. Power box is easy to operate.
8. Accessories available:Soft box with bowens mount, Barn door filter kits, Snoot, Light stand.
9. Warranty time:12 Month Manufacturer Warranty


   1.Light head (with hood and handle) = 1pcs;
2.Power Box (without battery) = 1pcs;
3.Al-Professional outdoor flash case;
4.Battery (Ni-mH 24V-3300mAh) = 1pcs;
5.Charger (1.2m power cable) = 1pcs;
6.Charging seat = 1pc;
7.Remote trigger(GY-04K) = 1pcs;
8.Modeling bulb = 2pcs;
9.Strap = 2pcs, one for power box,and the other for AL-outdoor flash case;
10.Soft cloth(φ160) = 1pcs;
11.Hot shoe (black) = 1pcs;
12.Light stand holder = 1pcs;
13.User manual = 1pcs