Studio Flash GB Series

Studio Flash GB Series

Based on the advanced studio flash GE series, the studio flash GB series are always fit Bowens S-Type accessories, eg.: softbox, barn door filter kits, snoot. Precise color temperature make your shooting perfect.


  * 6 f-stop aperture coefficient 1/32-1/1 precise control.
* Auto discharge after shutdown.
* Full function of modeling bulb control,proport/full/off,
* Capatible: always fit Bowens S-Type,
* Flash body with umbrella holder,
* Sync cable socket: Φ3.50mm.

Technical Specs:

Item No. 63025 63026 62030 62031
Model GB-180 GB-250 GB-300 GB-400
GN 43 52 58 65
Inner fan No Yes
Modeling bulb 50W 150W
Recycling time 0.5-2s
Power variation Stepless adjustment, 1/32-1/1
Buzz switch Yes
Sensor distance ≥15m
Color temperature 5500K±200K
Triggering voltage DC 5V
Triggering way 1.Sync cable   2.Sensor   3.Test button   4.Remote control
Fuse 5A