Electroplate Color Case for iPhone 5/5s

Model No.: AL-IP5-06

Size: Fit iPhone 5/5s well

Item: Electroplate Color Case for iPhone 5/5s
Color: 8 Colors: Black, Sliver, Brown, Golden, Red, Pink, Light Blue, Blue
Description:Electroplate Metal Color for the Surface


These cases will be supplied in various of colors.


They fit the phone perfectly and they come supplied with a thin white printable piece of aluminum metal which is printed exactly the same as all the other aluminium metal we supply. This piece is cut perfectly to be fixed to the back of the case and has the cut out for the camera lens.


  • Slim, form-fitting design encases your phone perfectly and finish for a refined, stylish appearance
  • Smart cover for iPhone 5 case without taking off machine set for each function key hole reserved
  • Non-toxic, environmental friendly and no harm to human body


After service:

Free lifetime technical support on sublimation printing.


Making Process

(1) Get images from digital camera, memory card or scanner.

(2) Print image with heat transfer paper and sublimation ink

(3) Stick the imaged paper on the Aluminum board surface by heat resistant tape.

(4) Use the heat press machine to transfer the image onto Aluminum board.

(5) Tear off the image paper on the Aluminum board after transferring.

(6) Stick the finished aluminum board to the plastic cover by tearing off the adhesive attached to this cover.

(7) Enjoy your personal designed phone case!