Mug Oven

Model No.: MOX


Mug heat transfer oven features:
1) You can transfer at least 12pcs coated mug per time;
2) Make your work more efficient;
3) Mug clamp is required;



Mug Oven is ideal for toner and subliatmion transfer. By using the clamps and silicon wrappers, you can transfer images onto larger mugs, bowls, beer steins, glass shot, latte mugs etc. This new released Conveyer Mug Oven allow you to make multiple mugs at one time without the cost of multiple mug heat presses. It can transfer 12pcs 11oz mug at one time. More efficiency!


Transfer Process:

1) Place the wrapped mugs in the oven.
2) Set the oven temperature as required, usually about 200 degrees .
3) Place your wrapped mugs in the oven top down, this will allow heat to be trapped inside of the mug, improving transfer quality.
4) Space each mug at least 2 inches apart; 2 spacing allows for maximum airflow between mugs and more even heating of the entire mug.
5) Cook mug for approximately 12 minutes. Some time adjustment may be needed depending on oven.


Technical Parameters:

Power: 1300W
Time Range: 0-60 minutes
Maximum Temp: 250℃
Packing Size: 59*59*60cm
Gross Weight: 29.5kg