Oil Heating Rotary Thermal Transfer Machine – RTR-1700

Model No.: RTR-1700

Size: 260*130*170cm


1. Short pre-heat time and heating is more even.

2. Operating efficiency is 2-3 times higher than that of last generation

3. Low noise and stable speed.

4. No cooling machine is needed and the blanket can be separated from the oil tank.

5. Tension of the blanket can be adjusted more easily.

6. Convenient operation with power-failure protection.


Rotary Calander RTR is designed for roll-to-roll dye sublimation transfer or fixation. Applicable materials are flag, fabric, curtains, bedding, cushion, umbrella, belt and sportwear.

Oil drum is large which is up to 16.5″, so production speed is fast. Also, it is double layer with tefelon coating which is filled with oil. Therefore, the density of color can be kept at constant.

Expanding shaft is equipped – Feeding and collecting media by roll-to-roll system with accurate alignment.

Precise mechanical structure results in perfect rewinding and no belt tracking.

Additional pressure is available for thick material transfer. The dye can penetrate deeply into the substrate.

Technical Parameter:

Application Flag, cloth, curtains, blanket, bedding, cushionetc
Model No. RTR-1700 RTR-2500 RTR-3200
Printing Width 1.7m(67″) 2.5m(98″) 3.2m(126″)
Heating Media Oil
Heating Power 18KW 30KW 36KW
Number of Heating Elements 12
Diameter of Drum 420mm
Transfer Speed up to 3m/min
Max Temperature 260C
Transfer Width 1650mm 2450mm 3150mm
Blanket Width 1730mm 2530mm 3300mm
Process Path Feeding in through bottom drum
Function of Roll to Roll Y
Function of Sheet to Sheet N
Number of Feeding Rollers 3
Number of Collecting Rollers 3
Workable Included N
Air Pressure Included Y
Machine Dimension(cm) 247*107*145 329*125*160 401*125*165
Packing Size(cm) 260*130*170 360*145*180 420*145*185