Inkjet Paper for Mugs, Plates etc.

Model No.: MIP-A4

A4 / A3 size


Color: White & Light

Size: A4 / A3 size

Sublimation transfer paper is your ideal choice for a range of sublimation areas. It works with all Polyester or Polyester Coated substrates and surfaces.
  • It is used with sublimation Ink.
  • Available color: White or Light – colored T-shirt (Non-cotton), Polyester material, Mouse Pad, Coated Mugs, Plates, Ceramic products, Metal
Making Process:
  • Printing the images on Heat Transfer paper.
  • Use the heat press machine to transfer the image onto T-shirt.
  • When the operation is finished, open the Heat Press and cool the T-shirt.
  • Enjoy your personal designed T-shirt!