Kneeling Mat

Model No.: KM-250/KM-320

Size : 250*340*12mm/320*355*15mm

Material: Heat Resistant Rubber
Color: White
Thickness:12mm / 15mm
Size: :250*340mm / 320*355mm
Package: Bulk pack
Packing: 33*35*33cm /
Pc/Ct: 20 pieces
Gross weight: 15.00kg / 17.00kg


Description :
(1) Around 10mm thick closed-cell Nitrile blend, resilient foam
(2) Suitable for use on workshop floor when working on wheels, brakes,  tyres,exhausts, etc. Also ideal for roadside repairs and  the busy mechanic
(3) Providing Knee-Ease Kneeling Mat helps increase worker’s productivity
(4) Ergonomic & Safety committee labor-relations bargaining tool
(5) Flammability, Self-extinguishing material
(6) Built-in carrying handle (Removable insert becomes a hand stress-reliever)
Hangs up easy for storage,Easy to maneuver in and around working areas

Features :

(1) Minimal water absorption
(2) Lower risk of Work Compensation Claims:
(3) Reduces knee pain & lower back stress
(4) Lightweight
Making Process:
Kneeling Mat making process:
  • Get images from digital camera, memory card or scanner.
  • Print image with heat transfer paper and sublimation ink
  • Stick the imaged paper on the Kneeling Mat surface by heat resistant tape.
  • Use the heat press machine to transfer the image onto Kneeling Mat.
  • Tear off the image paper on the Kneeling Mat and cool it for some time.
  • Enjoy your personal designed Kneeling Mat.