Sublimation Blank Floor mat

Model No.: 77020111


Item:    Velvet Floor Mat-Rectangle
Description:    Heat Resistant Rubber,Size:400*600*6mm
Packing:     50pcs/ctn
Gross Weight:    34kg
Dimension:    42*62*30cm

Model No.: 77020112


Item:    Velvet Floor Mat-Rectangle
Description:    Heat Resistant Rubber,Size:460*760*6mm
Packing:     30pcs/ctn
Gross Weight:    30kg
Dimension:    48*78*20cm

Model No.: 77020113


Description:    Heat Resistant Rubber,Size:500*500*6mm

Item:    Velvet Floor Mat-Pentagram
Packing:     50pcs/ctn
Gross Weight:    19kg
Dimension:    62*62*30

Model No.: 77020114


 Item:    Velvet Floor Mat-Heart Shape

Description:    Heat Resistant Rubber,Size:500*500*6mm

Packing:    50pcs/ctn
Gross Weight:    21kg
Dimension:    52*52*30cm

Sublimation blank floor mat
As professional manufacturer ,we can supply dozens of floor mat that with different size, different thickness. Blank sublimation floor mat can be printed with your logo for advertising and promotion events as a promotion gift.


 Different sizes are available 

 Different shape are available

 Rubber+ Velvet fabrics material

Free lifetime technical support on sublimation printing.

1. Get images from digital camera, memory card or scanner.

2. Print image with heat transfer paper and sublimation ink

3. Stick the imaged paper facing down with the floor mat surface by heat resistant tape.

4. Use the heat press machine to transfer the image onto floor mat.

5. After transfer, tear off the image paper.

6. Enjoy your personal designed floor mat!