Glass Coated Clock

Model No.: MT-GC200

Diameter : 200mm


Material : Glass
Packing : 24pcs/carton
Minimum : 96pcs

Model No.: MT-GC310

Diameter : 310mm

Material : Glass
Packing : 12pcs/carton
Minimum : 96pcs
Description :
  • This glass clock face is coated with a white based perfect coating on its underside, making it possible to print an image under the round surface.
  • Our clock kits are available in several different styles to accommodate a variety of tastes.
  • Each kit includes a sublimatable glass clock face, hands, motor, and clasp. A customized clock can add a finishing touch to any rooms , a bedroom, recreation room, kitchen, study, office wherever a clock is needed.
  • We can supply you different styles of coated glass clock face for your choice.