Big Book Shaped Crystal

Model No.: E-SJ030

Size : 150mm×120mm

Material: Crystalline
Color: Transparent
Shape: Small Book Shaped
Size: 155x100x20mm
Packing: 30pcs/carton
Gross Weight: 17.5 kg
Dimension: 33*26.5*28cm


Personalized photo crystals are perfect gifts or souvenirs for occasions such as:
²        Personalized gift for family or friends such as birthday gift, Weddings gift and Wedding anniversary souvenir for celebrate their special day
²        Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day and Teacher’s Day gift
²        Sporting and sales and community awards souvenir
²        Memorial souvenir such as the death of a deeply loved person or pet memories
  • The Big Book Shaped Crystal is pure and brilliant, with glittering and transparent surface to make the impressive souvenir for memorizing your happy moment
  • New design will bring you new feeling. In addition, with the glittering and transparent photo crystal which inlayed our favorite pictures, you will enjoy a splendid moment.
  • Put the photo crystal on your desk of house and office, the place changed to be cute at once!
  • Most Blooming Market: Europe, America, Australia, Brazil, India and Pakistan
  • Hot/Classic Product: Yes
  • New Product: Yes
 Photo Crystal Making Process:
  • Preparing your favourite image from digital camera, memory card or scanner.
  • Printing image with our special Chroma-Crystal paper from your ink jet printer.
  • Using Chroma-Crystal glue,paper and Chroma-Crystal unit to apply image to crystal
  • Cleaning then finish the whole procedure