Love Screen Crystal

Model No.: E-SJ022

Size : 100mm×120mm×15mm



Material: Crystalline

Color: Transparent

Shape :Heat-Shape

Size: 100x120x15mm

Packing: 36pcs/carton

Gross Weight: 16.4kg
Dimension: 41.5*29.5*30cm


Personalized photo crystals are perfect gifts or souvenirs for occasions such :

²        Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day and Teacher’s Day gift

²        Sporting and sales and community awards souvenir

²        Memorial souvenir such as the death of a deeply loved person or pet memories


Photo Crystal  Making Process:

  • Preparing your favourite image from digital camera, memory card or scanner.
  • Printing image with our special Chroma-Crystal paper from your ink jet printer.
  • Using Chroma-Crystal glue,paper and Chroma-Crystal unit to apply image to crystal
  • Cleaning then finish the whole procedure



Love is the symbol of pure, dignity and permanent for people. The heart shape photo crystal can realize the dream. Inlay your love on the crystal.

  • With the unique sculpture and processing with her picture, it is the very nice gift for her. Love her and present this to her. .
  • Put the photo crystal on your desk of house and office, the place changed to be cute at once!
  • Most Blooming Market: Europe, America, Australia, Brazil, India and Pakistan
  • Hot/Classic Product: Yes
  • New Product: Yes