polymer mug

Insert Metal Tool

Model No.: MT-TPM04

Suitable for 6oz Coffee Mug

Insert Metal Tool

Suitable for Polymer Travel Mug

Polymer Mug

Model No.: MT-PM01

11 oz

Material: Polymer

Color: White

Diameter: 8cm

Height: 9.30cm

Package: Individual white box

Packing: 41*29*33cm/ 41*29*43cm

Pc/Ct: 36/ 48 pieces

Gross weight: 7.5kg/ 8.2kg


The Sublimation Polymer Mug surface is very smooth and white, especially suitable for DIY photo mug making. It is the wonderful gift for friend’s birthday and company promotion,etc.






♦ No coating on surface, sublimation can be proceed directly

♦ Unti-scratch

♦ Unbreakable

♦ Perfect Glossy Surface

♦ Environmental Friendly

♦ Quality Approved by FDA (SGS)




Model No: MT-PM01
Item: 11oz Polymer Mug
Material: Polymer
Color: Color
Size: Diameter:8cm, Height: 9.30cm
Description: Scratch Resistance, Unbreakable
Pcs/Carton: 36pc/ctn without box 48pc/ctn with box
Gross Weight: 7.5kg 8.2kg
Dimension: 41*29*33cm 41*29*43cm



Free lifetime technical support on sublimation printing.


Making Process

1. Select your favorite photo/picture from your computer.

2. Print it out onto transfer paper by common Epson inkjet printer.

3. Sublimation ink prepared.

4. Stick the paper with photo on the mug surface by heat resistant tape.

5. Put the tool inside of the polymer mug

6. Set temperature and time moderately on the mug heat press machine.

7. After transfer, enjoy your personal designed mug!


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