Aluminium Board

Model No.: MT-M001W

Size : 10*10cm

Packing: 500pcs/carton,250pcs/carton
Gross Weight: 5.76kg/26.86kg
Size: 10*10cm/10*15cm/15*20cm
Color: White/Silver/Gold

Model No.: MT-M004W

Size : 20*30cm

Packing: 200pcs/carton,100pcs/carton,100pcs/carton
Gross Weight: 12.94kg/13.04kg/26.09kg
Size : 20*30cm/30*40cm/40*60cm
Color : White/Silver/Gold
Material :Aluminium
Dye sublimation metal sheet is manufactured specifically for sublimation. You can cut the metal sheet into different sizes what you need. Then transfer any pictures or images you want onto the surface, it looks very sharp and bright after printing, and never fading. It can be made into various of metal products, such as desk sign, door hanger, name card, and so on. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors: Golden, silver, white.
Premium Grade Quality Coated.
Different size are available.
High quality coating surface for prefect image transferring.
Prompt delivery for large order.

Making Process:

Get images from digital camera, memory card or scanner.
Print image with heat transfer paper and sublimation ink Stick the imaged paper on the metal sheet surface by heat resistant tape.
Use the heat press machine to transfer the image onto metal sheet.
Tear off the image paper on the metal sheet and cool it for some time.