Fan Shape Glass Cutting Board-Glossy Surface

Model No.: MT-CB010

Size: 396*148*4mm

Feature: Glossy Surface


These sublimation glass cutting board is perfect for sublimation printing, you can print any picture you want. Different type for your choice. Also it is a good gift for souvenir etc.


♦ Modern sublimation tempered glass;

♦ Smooth & Fabric surface are available;

♦ Durable material;

♦ High clarity and easy to transfer;

♦ Up to 8 shapes to choose from;

♦ Add fun to your kitchen.


Name: Sublimation Glass Cutting Board

Model No.: MT-CB010

Packing: Depends on different model

Dimension: Depends on different model

Gross Weight: Depends on different model


Making Process

1. Select your favorite photo/picture from your computer.

2. Print it out onto inkjet paper by common Epson inkjet printer.

3. Sublimation ink is required.

4. Stick the paper with photo on the sublimation glass cutting board surface by heat resistant tape.

5. Set temperature and time moderately on the heat press machine (i.e. 180 degrees and 120 seconds)

6. Tear off the image paper after the countdown is completed.

7. Enjoy your personal designed Sublimation Glass Cutting Board!